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the only casting choice i hated as much as storm was january jones as emma frost

Ugh she was awful in that role. Like maybe try casting actors who don’t think they’re above the superhero genre and do whatever they can to make sure the audience knows just how bored they are the whole time. 

They also completely and shamefully wasted Emma in that series too

and then they just KILLED HER OFF. I’m still mad about DofP unnecessarily killing off of the First Class characters.

It wasn’t even completely useful to the plot because if Mystique had seen any random mutants in that file it would’ve made her ~fight for mutants~ more powerful and sincere !
Which didn’t help the plot even more because the entire movie was Charles crying about how she’s such a great person (which brings it back to - dude…she tossed her baby in the river) and that whole shred of humanity thing that they came back to at the end of the movie would’ve been really believable had they shown her crying about random mutants getting tested on

that movie annoyed me so much with Charles whining over Mystique which was ONLY bc she was cast as everyone’s fav white baby Jennifer Lawrence and the straight washing makes me really just MEH about jenlaw as mystique

I just really hate xmen movies never being written to their full potential, focusing on prof x and/or wolverine instead of THE TEAM
they *killed the entire team* just to make Charles more interesting

the reason why I love xmen so much is that it embraces the team dynamics, teams that are usually fairly diverse and the movies are just like nah look at prof x he is great and not a jerk at all (sry sir Patrick Stewart ilu but prof x sucks)

I was most excited about Quill and Inks’ cameos in the army bunker

plus the movies waste villain time on magneto and Stryker (WHY STRYKER NO ONE CARES) when there are so many more interesting villains like mojo (thank u watxm for giving us a mojo episode) or apocalypse (ok granted this is finally happening but it took 7 movies to get there)

tldr : “Mutant and proud” ? More like *has blue kid and tosses him in a river* *tosses the XMCU in a river*


Ellen Page being a huge dork on ABC.


perf  page  gif 

Working on a cover. #rocketraccoon


Working on a cover. #rocketraccoon

OMG THAT sucks so much I am sorry

i should be used to every movie i want to see being spoiled bc i have to wait until dvd releases or for friends to be kind enough to remember when the loud scenes are but like HER TWEETS


and she should know better as a creator????????

and it was critiques so it was complainy spoilers which are my least favorite!! and she has a tumblr so she HAS a place to put it so it can get weeded out by people who don’t want to see it?? there wasn’t even a “spoilers coming up” tweet

i was just so super disappointed and already had a shitty night


Can we call Guardians a success yet? Because if we can, that means Marvel can open up into more of its space and crazy fucked up weirdo properties 



and then



woke up, checked twitter, noelle stevenson spoiled the majority of gotg despite me realizing what she was doing and quickly trying to scroll past the 20 tweets trying not to let my eyes stay on the tweets like ??????????????? really ?????????????????????????????

can we just tweet if stuff is good or bad instead of 20 tweet critiques that spoil it for people who couldn’t go to the midnight release? and put the critique on tumblr where people can block the spoilers??

idk man i thought she’d know better than to do that??